5 Apple-Certified Lightning Cables are Available for Just $8.47 Right Now


Looking for not one but five Lightning cables for cheap? Amazon has a 5-pack for just $8.47 and all of them are Apple certified.

Get Three 6-feet Long and Two 10-feet Long Lighting Cables for Your iPhone and iPad for a Low Price of Just $8.47 - All Cables MFi Certified

Being Apple-certified cables, these offer perfect compatibility with all iPhones and iPads out there. You also get these cables in varying lengths - 3 cables that are 6-feet long and 2 cables that are 10-feet long. Basically, if you ever needed an extra long cable to charge your iPhone or iPad, you're fully covered here with this pack.

When it comes to durability, this cable will withstand up to 15,000 bends of 95 degrees before you see any sign of wear and tear. Basically, these cables are tough and should do great in places where there is a lot of motion, pushing and pulling, such as a car. And since you are buying a 5-pack, why not toss a couple of cables in your bag or even at the place where you work? Just an idea.

Everything you need to know about these cables can be found in the link below. There are no special discount codes or coupons needed to bring the price down. Just add them to your cart, hit the checkout button and wait for them to arrive at your doorstep.

Buy [Apple MFi Certified]iPhone Charger AZMOGDT,5pack - Was 10.99, now just $8.47