New 4K GTA V Screenshots Were Not Photoshopped

Yesterday, we covered an article about the release of new 4K screenshots for GTA V which were from the original source i.e. the Rockstar website. Many websites are claiming that they were in fact photoshopped on the premise that their properties showed that they were saved through photoshop.  The thread on Reddit claims them to be fake on the basis of the following screenshot, something we will now put to the test.

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The 4k Screenshots are Actually as Real as the GTA V PC Game

Since many users were claiming of the screenshots of Rockstar official website being bullshots we took the matter into our own hands and decided to run an ELR forensics test. The following result was obtained. For the experts, no explanation is necessary but if you are new to photo forensics then this basically shows that the picture was not manipulated or tempered with in any way. Basically an ELR test shows the different error levels in a photo that are there due to compression. If a photo is tempered with or manipulated by a software the error levels of that area will be different. Here the error levels are exactly as one would expect a game screenshot to be. Error levels are visible at the edge of polygons and no white area (photoshop) is present.   So the photoshop program was 1) used to save the photo 2) used to apply full picture filters (not detectable by ELR) which should not constitute a bullshot since you can add them yourself via third party programs.

As a reddit user puts: (The following is a commet by user "Polynugget" that i picked up from the Reddit post and i do not think that the commentator was at any fault  here as he was just expressing his views on an AAA company releasing a fake Screenshot.)

"Every screenshot you see on Steam or any other game is "spiced up." Especially from AAA companies. It is called Bull-Shots. There are a few articles about it, so there is nothing to be alarmed about.

Also, the artists do not change anything major, just tiny details (such as a hand clipping through a gun, a blurry texture, etc.) This is perfectly fine because they are just promoting their game.

Lastly, the PS4 version of GTA V looks awesome, so you can expect the PC version to just totally wreck everything. My GabeN, I cannot wait."

But on the contrary, you can see clearly that the screenshots have not been altered in any way. And although personally, I do not like the fact that Rockstar has delayed the game for PC gamers so much, I wouldn't want them to be blamed for something that they didn't do. Such posts and unverified releases put up a bad name for a company which actually did nothing wrong and I for one am against that.

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