Get A 4-Year Subscription To Droplr At An Amazing Price-Limited Time Offer So Get It Now

Zarmeen Shahzad

When you work in a team or in an organization very often you have to share work. Digital collaboration is a huge struggle that is getting harder. The best way to ensure effective collaboration is to hook your team up with Droplr. All you have to do is drag a file to the Droplr icon on your desktop. This will automatically upload the file to a remote server and so anyone on your team attached to your account will be able to access the data. This will help make teamwork more effective and efficient. It is highly reviewed and it is available at a great price.

Droplr: 4-Yr Subscription features

With Droplr you will be able to:

  •  Collaborate with up to three users on a single account
  •  Use the new Boards feature to create and share boards with team members around concepts, ideas, projects and more
  •  Snag images or videos of your screen and have them share-ready in a few quick clicks
  •  Record as an image or gif and pop a link in a chat or email in seconds
  •  Annotate screenshots for further clarity
  •  Shorten links for easier sharing
  •  Share only what you want to show with previews
  •  Control when what you share disappears and password protect Drops for added security
  •  Tag Drops with keywords for simple organization
  •  Select any part of your screen to record and pause or mute audio during recording
  •  Write Markdown notes and share code snippets with syntax-highlighting
  •  Drag and drop gifs right from the browser
  •  Integrate with Slack, Jira, Confluence, Google Docs, Asana, Hipchat, Twitter, Basecamp, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch and many more

Other details

The deal will empower 3 users and allows unlimited drops. Its offers 50GB/user bandwidth and 10GB/user storage. The deal also includes updates. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. You can get Droplr at this site. Don’t forget to redeem it within 30 days of purchase. The purchase will allow you access for 4 years. Amazing right? So get it now before the deal expires.

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