Here’s How To Activate The Hidden 3D Touch Zoom Feature In iPhone 6s

Ali Salman

The iPhone 6s launched with a blast, boasting a huge increase in performance as compared to its predecessor. Although the external design of the iPhone 6s has not been a subject to major variation, Apple did introduce a new display technology that enables users to interact in a new way. The company installed a new display panel that allows users to initiate different actions using built-in pressure sensors.

However, not all controls and features of 3D Touch have been officially showcased. Those lucky buyers who got their iPhone 6s deliveries early would know that the 3D Touch is located in the Accessibility section in the Settings. Some major controls under this section allows users to disable or enable the 3D Touch, sensitivity adjustments and more. It turns out that Apple has included a hidden Peek Zoom feature in reference to the 3D Touch as well.

So let's see what Peek Zoom has to offer and how can users activate it.

Peek Zoom Enables Users To Zoom Into Content Using 3D Touch

Peek Zoom is the virtual screen button activated within the display. It allows users with reduced vision to clearly glance upon the content displayed on the screen. The accessibility of this feature is a plus as the Peek Zoom feature is activated with a force touch gesture. Previously, users with reduced vision had to apply a three finger gesture on the display to zoom into content, which was sometimes not detected as part of the control. Henceforth, Peek Zoom is a great addition for people with poor sight.

The Peek Zoom feature is located within Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom. To activate this hidden feature, you must turn on two sub-features, Zoom and Show Controller. Once the feature is activated, you can press harder on the display to zoom, and release the 'press' to make it come back to its original size.

The Zoom Controller creates a sure shot focus point for interaction so the force gesture is accurately detected. In the Zoom section under Accessibility, you will also see the Zoom Region that allows users to limit the zoomed area to a small window which can be moved around under your touch controls. Moreover, you can also adjust the transparency level of the Zoom Controller through 'Idle Visibility'. The Zoom Controller can be set to a minimum of 5 percent transparency in contrast to full visibility.

The Peek Zoom hidden feature is not enabled by default, so users have to work a little in order to activate it. Users with poor vision can make use of this feature to compensate their reduced vision. It's good to see Apple adding these features for people with disabilities.

This is it for now, folks. Share your thoughts in the comments and make sure you see stay tuned for more guides on iPhone 6s.

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