2K Games Teases “Advent,” New Game Set in a Dystopian Future


The new title by 2K Games, “Advent,” appears to be set in a dystopian future, featuring hacking and genetics research. The site, reveals a few indications pointing towards hacking elements, as well as mentions of Advent’s misdeeds, including millions of missing people.

This is a bit reminiscent of the Bioshock 2 promotional strategy used by 2K back in the day.


Advanced ADVENT technologies have made the City Centers—once the stuff of dreams a reality.

The promotional text gives us an idea of the setting:

“Amazing advancements in architectural construction have led to a new kind of city. The gleaming towers are specifically designed to utilize space in efficient ways never before seen, as well as provide the comforts and amenities of a resort. Each living unit is outlined with the very best in high-tech comfort and utilitarian style.

Protected 24 hours a day by ADVENT forces, citizens can have a peace of mind with the knowledge that their families are always safe.

ADVENT Cities are a fresh start. Join us and help us build a brighter future today.”


With advanced ADVENT technologies, illness of the mind, body, and spirit are things of the past.

Our citizens no longer fear the diseases and disabilities that plagued past generations. A complex and cutting edge system of DNA splicing has led to cures ,not only for the viruses and infections that for millenia haunted us, but for mental illnesses as well. Come discover an Illness free world with us.

The premise and possibilities are incredibly exciting, and 2K Games will surely have a big reveal for the game at E3 2015. The new title will likely be using the Unreal Engine 4, in which case the new futuristic setting will surely be mind-blowing. While there is a small chance that the new title is the one being developed by Ken Levine, no matter which developer turns out to be behind the project, it certainly seems incredibly promising.

We will bring you any new information on ADVENT, or whatever the new title might be called as soon as it becomes available.