2022 iMac to Launch With Redesign, and mini-LED Upgrade With ProMotion Support

Omar Sohail
2022 iMac to Launch With Redesign, and mini-LED Upgrade With ProMotion Support

Now that Apple has brought mini-LED technology to the 2021 MacBook Pro, the company might introduce the 2022 iMac with the same panel, which is going to make a ton of customers exceptionally happy.

Rumored 2022 iMac Display Could Dynamically Switch Between 24-120Hz Depending on What Is Being Shown on the Screen

Where the M1 iMac lacked certain upgrades, Apple is expected to make it up with the 2022 iMac, according to an update from display analyst Ross Young. Previously, Young’s prediction surrounding the 2021 MacBook Pro on receiving a mini-LED ProMotion upgrade turned out to be true, so as of right now, his track record is as clean as they come. Also, he states that the refresh rate of the 2022 iMac will dynamically change between 24Hz and 120Hz, likely to conserve power and allow for a more efficient system.

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He also mentions that the redesigned 2022 iMac will feature a 27-inch diagonal display size, which is smaller than the previous rumors we have heard, clamoring that the bigger iMac will measure 32 inches diagonally. The new iMac could launch in the first quarter of 2022, and as far as other specifications go, there is no information on that count. However, given that the first redesigned iMac featured Apple’s M1, it will not be surprising for the company to incorporate the M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets for the 2022 version.


Of course, customers will likely have to pay extra when configuring the 2022 iMac to tout the faster M1 Max, but the advantage here is not just increased performance but additional configurations for RAM and internal storage. With the M1 iMac, customers were only limited to 16GB of unified RAM, so with the 2022 model, we will not be surprised to see 64GB RAM configurations available.

The powerful chipset upgrades will also mean that Apple will improve the cooling solution of the 2022 iMac, so even if from the outside, the ‘All in One’ does not present any significant aesthetic changes, the internal area could get the biggest revamp.

News Source: Ross Young

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