2022 DevOps Cloud Engineering Prep Bundle Is Up For A Huge Discount Offer For Two Days – Avail Now


Cloud computing is very important, and most organizations rely on it. You can learn more about it with the best courses, and we are here to help. Wccftech is offering a limited-time discount offer on the 2022 DevOps Cloud Engineering Prep Bundle. The offer will expire in just two days, so get your hands on it right away.

2022 DevOps Cloud Engineering Prep Bundle Features

The bundle is massive and contains ten comprehensive courses, and they cover AWS, Reach Hooks, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, and more. All the courses have been designed by experts with years of relevant industry experience. Here are highlights of what the 2022 DevOps Cloud Engineering Prep Bundle has in store for you:

  • AWS: Monitoring & DevOps with CloudWatch
    Use AWS CloudWatch & SNS to Keep a Close Eye on Your AWS Cloud
  • React Practice Course: Build React App from Scratch
    Deliver a High-Quality Product with Unit Tests & Storybook Stories for All Major Components
  • Git Training: Step-by-Step Guide to Git Version Control
    Master Git & Never Lose Your Files or Changes Again
  • Docker & Docker Compose: Project Deployment From Scratch
    Improve Your Knowledge of Docker & Docker Compose While Developing and Deploying a Real Application
  • Introduction to Docker & the DCA Certification
    This Lab-Focused Guide Will Help You Towards Docker Certification
  • Kubernetes on the Cloud & The CNCF CKA Certification
    This Comprehensive Guide to One of Today's Hottest Cloud Technologies Contains 45 Labs & 50 Practice Questions
  • Docker Fundamentals for Beginners with Online Lab Access
    Understand the Docker Concepts Vividly & Create, Deploy, and Run Applications
  • YAML Fundamentals for DevOps, Cloud & IaC Engineers
    Learn to Visualize the YAML Documents Like a PRO!
  • DevOps with AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins, & AWS CodeDeploy
    Learn DevOps Skills with Rising Demand
  • Angular & NgRx: Building Real Project From Scratch
    Improve Your Angular & NgRx Skills with This Series While Developing Real Application

Original Price 2022 DevOps Cloud Engineering Prep Bundle: $2,000
Wccftech Discount Price 2022 DevOps Cloud Engineering Prep Bundle: $39.99