2-Year-Old Orders 31 Cheeseburgers on Mother’s iPhone, Another Reason Why You Should Secure Your Phone


A mother received 31 cheeseburgers from McDonald's after her two-year-old son got hold of her iPhone. While you should always lock your phone from strangers snooping around, this is another reason why Face ID or Touch ID is a must. The tot ordered 31 cheeseburgers using the DoorDash app. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Mother Finds Her 2-Year-Old Kid Had Ordered 31 Cheeseburgers on Her iPhone, No Regrets

The Texan mother shared the incident on Facebook on Monday, posting an image of her son next to 31 cheeseburgers. She comically wrote, "31 free cheeseburgers from McDonald's if anyone is interested." She further added, "Apparently my 2 yr old knows how to order DoorDash." Other Facebook users also shared their stories in the comments. Kelsey Gordon received a DoorDash notification on her phone that her order was taking longer than usual. Everything came to light when a car stopped in front of her door with 31 cheeseburgers that her kid had ordered.

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While it is an innocent mistake, it is always wise to keep your smartphones locked if you have children around you. Moreover, Apple has also provided users with parental controls that users can configure on their own. In this case, the scene could have been easily avoided if appropriate restrictions were placed. Moreover. the kid could have ordered something worth far more than cheeseburgers. The mother had to pay $91.70 which includes the 25 percent tip for the 31 cheeseburgers.

Kid orders 31 cheeseburgers on iPhone

Other than this, parents can also set up purchases through Apple Pay that requires Face ID before every purchase. When these configurations are set in place, it will prevent how kids can make such mistakes. Nonetheless, the mother's post on Facebook went viral and the 2-year-old was invited by McDonald's to meet the company mascot.

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