2-Pack of Tough Lightning Cables in Multiple Colors for Just $14.99 [Special Discount Code Inside]


Having a Lightning cable or two lying around is always a good thing. Right now, you can pick a two-pack of them for just $14.99.

Whenever you're out and about buying a Lightning cable, make sure whatever you're spending your money on is Made for iPhone compatible. This means that the cable itself has Apple's seal of approval. And today's deal from Xcentz happens to have the MFi certification too.

These cables are nylon braided, which means that they are really, really tough. So tough in fact that they come with a lifetime warranty which is a great little credential to have with cables of this nature. Heck, Xcentz claims that these cables have a tensile strength of 80KG. We wouldn't ask anyone to test that claim but that essentially means that these cables are tough and should last you a long time.


Both the cables in the two-pack are 6-feet in length and are available in multiple color options: Black, Red and Silver. If you're anything like us then you'd probably go with the black version of the cable because it looks stealthy, but if you like to make things as funky as possible then it's entirely your call.

That 6-feet length is important to have too. It allows you to connect your iPhone or iPad to a power outlet that's far away from you. It's even the perfect cable for charging a phone in a car, on the backseat. Trust me, we all have passengers that require a top-up while they relax in the backseat and this cable will handle that situation for you without breaking a sweat.

If you are interested, you can pick up the cable two-pack from the link below. Just make sure that you enter the special discount code at checkout in order to bring the price of the pack down to just $14.99.

Buy Xcentz iPhone Charger, (2 Pack, 6ft) Apple MFi Certified Lightning Cable - Was $20, now just $14.99 using discount code XCENTZS45

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