15 Minute demo of Bioshock Infinite gameplay

Bioshock Infinite is definitely a game worth the attention, with the previous 2 games being based deep under the sea one can only wonder what a sudden change of scenery can do for YOU the player, You no longer have to worry about water killing but if you are afraid of heights this is definitely one game you should avoid. Bioshock Infinite takes the adventure of Columbia to the skies in the form of a city in the sky, with the help of a girl with supernatural powers you can rest assured that this game will definitely be smashing when it releases in 2012.

Bioshock Infinite is a game worth waiting for, while the first was a huge success and the second one was almost but not as good this game will definitely help satisfy your craving for Adam, Bioshock Infinite is something new to the series completely in many ways its the complete opposite, instead of being a lone wolf you have a companion at your side fighting along side you, you are high above land and sea and this time you can see the effects of an Adam epidemic spread first hand rather than joining the city after the effects have taken place.

Here is a 15 minute game play video of the game, as you can see the game is definitely superb and is probably one of the most anticipated games of 2012 right along side Mass Effect 3, both are games which many fans are dying to play.

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