1-Day Sale Drops SanDisk microSD Cards and SD Cards to Ridiculously Low Prices on Amazon


SanDisk has put up a 1-day sale on Amazon, discounting a bunch of great products to ridiculously low prices. But it's the memory cards that have us most excited here.

We feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever we see a discount on a wonderful memory card that's big on storage and fast at the same time. And when that discount is from SanDisk, it only means that we have to share the deal with you guys no matter what. Because this company is known to create wicked fast memory for portable devices.

Today, SanDisk is going all out with its discounts and is offering a wide array of products at low prices. But obviously, you're here for the microSD and SD cards, and we have them in there too. Let's dive right in.

As you can see, these discounts are absolutely bonkers. Just have a look at that 400GB Extreme microSD card. It usually goes for a price of $250 and now you can pick it up for a measly $85.99 right now.

If that doesn't tickle your fancy and you are looking for a memory card for something bigger, like a high-end DSLR, then you be pleased to learn that there is a Compact Flash card in there too. Though the discount is not ultra great, but it's something which you can't ignore either. These things are expensive on a regular day and a slight bit of price drop will help us ease some pressure from our wallets.