Intel Sandy Bridge-E Processors are limited to Six Cores

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Oct 17, 2011
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Intel has confirmed that their upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors launching in Q4 2011 will only feature upto 6 Cores. The Sandy Bridge-E Processors would be compaitible with X79 Chipset based motherboards featuring the LGA-2011 socket.

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The Eight Core CPU’s will launch for the Server lineup which will include the Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon chips. The reason Intel explains is that the Eight or greater cores are only suitable for Workstations or Server Environments where more CPU Horsepower is required while 6 Core based Sandy Bridge-E perfectly suit the Desktop requirements.

Another major factor to limit the desktop models to 6 Cores is the High Thermal Design Power (TDP). The Sandy Bridge-EP’s with 8 Cores have a max TDP of 150W while the frequencies they feature are only 3.1Ghz at max. The Desktop Sandy Bridge-E on the other hand come with higher frequencies of 3.3 – 3.6 Ghz with the addition of Turbo Boost and the TDP’s is rated at 130W. Adding 2 extra cores would make the max TDP hit the 150-160W barrier which is not suitable for desktop usage.

All of the current Lineup Sandy Bridge-E Processors Core i7 3960X, 3930K and the Quad Core 3820K would launch in Q4 2011 or next month. The details have already been posted here.

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While Intel doesn’t plans to release any 8 core model for its current C stepping lineup, Another flagship CPU Core i7 3980X which will feature the D stepping would launch in Q2 2012 being Intel’s first Native 8 Core Desktop processors. This hasn’t been confirmed yet but a few slides were leaked here which show info on Intel’s next flagship CPU for Sandy Bridge-E platform.

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