Zotac GTX 560Ti with 448 Cores Unveiled

Zotac's upcoming Geforce GTX 560Ti has been unveiled and pictured. What's so special about this 560Ti? It comes with 448 Cuda Cores instead of the 384 on the Stock 560Ti GPU.

Nvidia was already preparing a new GTX 560Ti which would feature 448 Cuda Cores and would be built on the GF-110 Architecture. This means that the Zotac 560Ti is a under-clocked GTX570 with 32 lesser cores. Other than that, The new card also features a 320-bit wide memory interface along with a 1280Mb VRam.

Performance of the new GTX 560Ti with 448 Cores would be sandwiched between the Stock 560Ti and the GTX 570. The Zotac 560Ti would feature Dual DVI and 2 HDMI ports. Pricing and Launch Date is yet unknown.

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