YouTube’s New Explore Tab Now Being Testing on Android


Back in July, YouTube began testing a new Explore tab on the home page of its iOS app. As it was experimental, it made its way only to one per cent of the user base. The experiment seems to have been a success, as Google is now rolling it out to Android.  Not everyone might get it as it is still 'experimental', but we can expect a mass rollout in a future release.

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Explore replaces the Trending tab, playing a similar role in recommending new content, but in a more personalized way. The Home tab provides recommendations based on your viewing activity, but, the Explore "helps viewers get a little bit more variety and see different kinds of content." Trending content in its current form still exists as a subsection of the new Explore tab.

Additionally, Explore includes videos & topics that are broader than other types of recommendations, including what you might find on the homepage and content from emerging creators that you wouldn't have seen otherwise. And yes, Dark Mode is coming soon™ to Android.