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YouTube Now Has a Dedicated COVID-19 News Section in 16 Countries


There's a lot going on in the with the COVID-19 epidemic right now. It can be quite overwhelming to keep yourself updated with the latest news about the pandemic, which is why YouTube has a section dedicated to delivering only COVID-19-related news. The news comes via a Tweet from YouTubeInsider, who gave us a glimpse into what the section could look like.

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The dedicated COVID-19 news section will initially be made available in 16 countries. YouTube says that it plans on making it available worldwide soon. Based on what we can see in the screenshot, the section will likely comprise of curated news and updates from trusted sources. The new panel will appear on your YouTube homepage. It appears to be live in the UK, US, and Canada at present, with content including official news sources reporting on the COVID-19 virus.

Not only will it keep people updated with the latest news and information from verified sources, but also help combat the spread of fake news. People have already started exploiting the pandemic for their nefarious interests. Recently, a third-party app that claimed to show real-time COVID-19 stats of a region was found to be harboring ransomware.

Google Maps encourages its users to call their doctors before seeking medical attention

Given the existing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, the medical system is already under tremendous strain. The last thing a medical institution needs is a deluge of patients who think they're infected, as it will stretch the already limited resources even thinner. This is why Google Maps is now displaying a small message to anyone looking for the addresses of doctors or local medical centers. This will help prevent people who do not exhibit COVID-19 symptoms from cluttering up doctors' offices. On the flip side, it will also prevent the infected from exposing themselves to yet more people.