YouTube Adds Membership Tiers and Paid Stickers for Live Chats

Anil Ganti
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Content creators on YouTube have had to endure several 'adpocalypses' over the years resulting in reduced earnings from advertisements. Creators have to often rely on Patreon donations to keep their channel going. Today, YouTube announced some new features that may help creators make some more money without relying on third-party services. YouTube now has multiple tiers of Channel Memberships, extends Super Chat with purchasable stickers, and adds new native merchandise options.

Super Chats allowed commenters to stand out in chats during live streams by paying a small fee per message which made it more visible over a longer period of time. Now it's also possible to purchase animated "Super Stickers" starting at $5. They are, as the name suggests, Stickers that have the same properties as a Super Chat. Stickers will come in a variety of designs across different languages and categories, such as gaming, fashion and beauty, sports, music, food, and more.

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Another new feature announced today is called  'Learning Playlists'. It aims to provide a dedicated learning environment for people who come to YouTube to learn. The features will provide more structure, dividing a collection of videos into chapters around key concepts, starting from beginner to more advanced. Additionally, recommendations will be hidden from the watch page, allowing users to focus on the lesson at hand. YouTube has partnered up with the likes of Khan Academy, TED-Ed and Crash Course to test the waters.

YouTube will now allow creators will also be able to make up to five different Channel Membership tiers and define varying perks for each. Creators can offer varying perks such as exclusive content, goodies and the likes for different membership tiers. This is reminiscent of what we've seen on Patreon and should help creators generate more revenue from their more dedicated fanbase. The changes will roll out on all platforms in the coming days, so keep an eye out for them.

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