You Can Save Almost $400 On A Renewed 2021 MacBook Pro With Apple’s Custom M1 Pro Chip

Omar Sohail
M1 Pro MacBook Pro

It is the start of the new year, and what better way to begin 2023 than to get yourself a discounted 14-inch MacBook Pro featuring Apple’s M1 Pro SoC. Through the Amazon Renewed program, you can save $384.93, bringing the price down to $1,549. As most of you will find out, the starting price of this configuration is $1,999.99, so it is quite an attractive offer.

For those concerned about the fact that this product is not brand new but renewed, you can return it within a 90-day window thanks to the Amazon Renewed Guarantee policy. Amazon states that each of its products are thoroughly inspected and arrives to the customer in an ‘excellent’ condition. The box’s contents include a 67W USB-C power adapter and a 2-meter USB-C to MagSafe 3 cable.

MacBook Pro models are known for their unbeatable build quality, and this M1 Pro model checks all the boxes when it comes to a premium chassis. The 14-inch display size hits the sweet spot in both portability and utility, with the panel itself being a mini-LED one and supporting a high refresh rate, thereby providing the most fluid macOS experience you will ever get on a notebook of this class.

Features of the 14-inch 2021 MacBook Pro

The M1 Pro running in the 2021 MacBook Pro has an 8-core CPU and 14-core GPU, along with 16GB of unified LPDDR4X RAM and 512GB of non-upgradable SSD. Keep in mind that after the product reaches you, there is no way to upgrade its internals, so you will get what you pay for. Thanks to the ultra-efficiency of the M1 Pro, Apple claims that users can get up to 17 hours of runtime on the MacBook Pro. When you purchase a laptop, that is what your ultimate purpose should be; using it for as long as you can away from the wall.

If you decide to make a purchase, you will have to be quick with your decision because, at the time of writing, there are only 14 units remaining in stock. Sure, that stock will be replenished, but we do not know when that will be, and we also do not know if it will be available at the same price when it becomes available again.

Get the 14-inch M1 Pro MacBook Pro from Amazon

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