You Can Now Ask Siri to Read Your New Messages on WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp for iPhone received a small update. But the highlighting feature allows you to utilize Siri for reading out your latest messages.

Why Open WhatsApp When You Can Ask Siri to Read You Your Unread Messages?

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has seen a lot of updates and feature additions to become what it is today. The service's app has its unique set of perks given which platform you are using it on. If you are an iPhone user, however, then you will be pleased to learn that you can now utilize Apple's voice assistant Siri to read you your new, unread messages on WhatsApp. But that's not all, the new update to the app for iPhone includes some other changes as well, which are all highlighted in the official changelog below.

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-You can now ask Siri to read your latest messages (iOS 10.3+)
-Visual improvements to the Calls tab, Contact Info and Group Info screens
-In the My Updates screen, you can now select multiple statuses at once and forward or delete them
-Support for Persian


As you can see in the changelog already that the Siri tie-in only works if you have iOS 10.3 or above installed on your iPhone. If you are running an older version of iOS then you are completely out of luck using this feature. Furthermore, this new release allows you to select multiple status updates at once and then take appropriate action on them. This includes either forwarding them, or delete them.

Apart from what is mentioned above, WhatsApp has packed in bug fixes and performance related patches as well. So, if you were having issues with the app on your iPhone, then this update should fix some of them to some extent, if not entirely.

Provided you have automatic updates enabled on your iPhone already, then the new version should be installed without your intervention. If that's not the case, then simply tap on the link below to go straight to the download page. Once there, tap on the Update button and you are good to go.

Let us know in the comments section what you think about the latest update.

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