Xiaomi Announces Its Mi Max Prime – Huge Amounts of Storage With a Massive Sized Battery Capacity


Remember the time when Xiaomi introduced its gargantuan-sized Mi Max? Well, the company has introduced a more powerful variant called Mi Max Prime and apart from featuring the same screen size, resolution, and of course that massive battery capacity, Mi Max Prime comes with a boatload of hardware upgrades, as you will soon find out.

Xiaomi Mi Max Prime Comes With a Snapdragon 652, Coupled With 128GB of Flash Storage

Mi Max Prime comes with a more powerful Snapdragon 652. Where the regular version comes outfitted with a Snapdragon 650. This particular chipset features two additional Cortex-A72 processing cores, thus making the overall CPU configuration turn out to be an octa-core processor rather than a hexacore one. You will not need to worry about the battery capacity because the 6.44-inch screen size of Mi Max Prime accommodates a huge 4,850mAh cell underneath. Its size will definitely cause discomfort while you attempt to hold it with a single hand, but for consumers with large hands, this Android device will become the ideal communicating device.

Complementing the performance of the processor is 4GB of RAM, and if you were intending to expand the existing storage on your Mi Max Prime, you will not have to on this occasion. That’s because this particular model features 128GB of onboard storage, negating the need for such a requirement. However, if you’re the kind of consumer who likes to carry around his/her entire media inside their mobile device, then expand that storage to your heart’s content.

Apart from this, there is also a fingerprint and infrared sensor present, a 16MP PDAF (phase detection autofocus) rear camera, and a 5MP shooter with a very wide angle lens of 85 degrees, which is great, but you might experience a large degree of camera shake when shooting images since there is no OIS chip present.

The great thing about the smartphone is it provides you the best amalgamation between an Android smartphone and a tablet. Sure, you will not get software updates as quickly as you do on other devices, but the hardware upgrades are quite impressive in this case. What do you think of the hardware specifications of Mi Max Prime? Tell us your thoughts right away.