Xbox One Has A “Super-Computer Design” with a Really Complicated GPU, Says the Console Creator

In the crowd of next-gen games, it has now become important to see which gaming platform is performing best in the market. Currently with PlayStation 4 leading the charts, both Sony and Microsoft are trying to boost their latest consoles and make them more developer friendly. Microsoft's Xbox One console is considered comparatively less powerful but according to the console's developer, Xbox One is similar to a super-computer.

Xbox One Hardware Resemble A "Super-Computer Design," Says Xbox's Director of Development

In this era of next-gen gaming, all eyes are on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. While both the consoles are equally contributing towards betterment of gaming industry, Sony's PlayStation 4 is considered the top video game console as its hardware capabilities are a bit higher than the Xbox One's. Not only that, but Microsoft's some own mistakes also took away some of the fame from the console.

The Xbox One might not be as powerful as Sony's PlayStation 4, still many analysts think Microsoft's latest video game console packs a lot of potential and some hidden capabilities that will be essential for it in the long run. For instance, Xbox's director of development, Boyd Multerer, who is basically considered the creator of Xbox One console, believes that Xbox One is similar to a super-computer.

Today, TotalXbox published an interesting interview with Multerer, who had confessed previously that he is proud of the Xbox One's architecture. Multerer spoke on a number of different topics in the interview. Taking about Xbox One's design, he said that it is effectively a “Super-Computer Design,” which will help developers a lot in future. Gearnuke pointed it out. The console's design will allow the developers to easily extract more performance out of it.

Talking about the resolution controversy associated with the Microsoft's latest console, he said, “Part of it is the obvious one where everyone’s still getting to know this hardware and they’ll learn to optimise it. Part of it is less obvious, in that we focused a lot of our energy on frame rate. And I think we have a consistently better frame rate story that we can tell."

Multerer then explained how the Xbox One's CPU performance was prioritized to squeeze out the most of it. This helped in obtaining "smooth" frame rate for next-gen games on Xbox One. Some bottlenecks like the ESRAM are considered to be the main problem ruining the console's design but according to Multerer, this is not true. The latest console packs a "complicated" GPU compared to the - relatively easier to program to - Xbox 360 GPU. According to him, once developers completely understand the Xbox One hardware pipeline, they can expect a lot more from the console.

“The GPUs are really complicated beasts this time around. In the Xbox 360 era, getting the most performance out of the GPU was all about ordering the instructions coming into your shader. It was all about hand-tweaking the order to get the maximum performance. In this era, that’s important – but it’s not nearly as important as getting all your data structures right so that you’re getting maximum bandwidth usage across all the different buffers. So it’s relatively easy to get portions of the GPU to stall. You have to have it constantly being fed.”

Multerer thinks that Xbox One's hardware design is not different than a “Super-Computer Design.” According to him, we should expect to see "fairly large improvements in GPU output” in the coming time. What do you think about Multerer's claims? Let us know in the comments.

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