Xbox Game Pass Won’t Be Coming To Nintendo Switch “Anytime Soon” – Rumor

Last month, rumors regarding the Xbox Game Pass service launching on Nintendo Switch started circulating online, saying that games would be playable on the Nintendo console through streaming. While it’s true that Microsoft wants to bring the Xbox Game Pass on all possible devices, it seems like it may not hit the Nintendo Switch anytime soon.

Brad Sams, executive editor of Petri and Thurrott, recently revealed that multiple sources have told him that the Xbox Game Pass won’t be coming to Nintendo Switch, at least not in the immediate future.

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There has been a lot of talk about Game Pass on the Switch. I’m hearing from multiple sources that that’s not happening. Let me qualify, that’s definitely not happening in the near term. I can’t ever say ‘never’ because Microsoft wants Game Pass on TVs, they want it on PCs, they want it on Xbox, they want it everywhere with their XCloud stuff, but as of right now I am hearing from multiple people that it is not coming to the Switch. Obviously, things could change and all that good stuff, but yeah, so don’t expect Game Pass on the Switch anytime soon. At least, that’s what I’m hearing.

Brad Sams didn’t say anything about the Microsoft – Nintendo collaboration which could bring some high-profile Xbox series to Nintendo Switch, so there’s the chance that it is still in the cards. With the E3 2019 being only three months away, we will surely learn more about the matter before long.

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