World’s First NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Review Leaks Out Before NDA Lifts

Kyle Bennett of HardOCP has done it again. In what is undoubtedly the world's first legit review of the NVIDIA RTX 2070 a few days before the official NDA lift, the website has already published its comprehensive review. I decided not to put any spoilers in the heading but long story short the RTX 2070 is slightly faster than the GTX 1080 - which is perfectly in line with a good generational performance bump.

HardOCP Breaks The World's First NVIDIA RTX 2070 Review and Benchmarks: MSI's RTX 2070 Gaming Z Featured

All images and benchmarks in this post are courtesy of HardOCP and if you want to read the full review be sure to head over to there site by clicking the link above.

The RTX 2070 is one of the more elusive graphics cards of this generation and one of the more sought after entrants. It is positioned to provide the standard (and impressive) generational performance advantage we have come to expect of NVIDIA graphics cards as well as a taste of the brand new Turing tech (such as RTX and DLSS). The question that is on everyone's mind, of course, is just how fast it will be. Well, depending on the clocks of the card and your luck in the silicon lottery you can easily expect the card to outperform 1080 of similar caliber with highly overclocked variants even nearing the GTX 1080 Ti performance range.


I took the liberty of showing a few benchmarks from the full review and as you can see, the RTX 2070 is in a very comfortable lead over the GTX 1080. Not only that but the minimum fps count is better as well. The only problem right now is, of course, the RTX 2070 is quite expensive as compared to a GTX 1080. The reason is price gouging and the fact that the RTX lineup is generally more impressive. All that said, that RTX 2070 is very easily a 1440p card if you are someone who wants to play out at maxed settings.


If you are someone who feels just fine playing at high or even medium-high settings than you can easily push 4k or 4k 60+ respectively. Needless to say, this is a great card, the only question that needs to be asked is whether you can get this for a great price as well.

As far as clocks go, while the card is rated at a boost clock of 1710 MHz for the FE, depending on the silicon quality the dynamic boost feature of Turing cards should easily keep you above the 1900 MHz mark. The particular variant that Kyle had was able to sustain a minimum boost of 1920 MHz which is pretty great and I am sure good silicon can cross the 2.0 GHz mark with just a little bit of OC (this particular variant touched 1965 MHz).

Image courtesy of HardOCP.

The MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z also has great RGB and silent fan operation - the standard bells and whistles of cards nowadays and just 2 propeller fans. Be sure to read out the full review at:

Click this link to read the full review of the GeForce MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z over at HardOCP

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