World of Warcraft Players Mysteriously Dying Repeatedly

Rizwan Anwer

World of Warcraft is one of the largest MMORPG's and still holds the title rightfully so after still being on the pay to play plan and even running a partial free to play program along side but as large as the game is its only predictable that these bugs will happen every now and then, in the latest bug it appears that players across various realms and servers are dying of mysterious deaths, as you can imagine this is insanely frustrating and definitely causing an uproar among the players but Blizzard is looking into the issue!

UPDATE: The Issue has been resolved but the people responsible are still at large

I bet players spent most of their time today paying her a visit.

UPDATE: The Issue has been resolved but the people responsible are still at large

Blizzard is one of the largest names in PC because of the Starcraft, Diablo and more importantly the World of Warcraft series under their control but as with any game there will always be bugs, glitches and other problems in a game and they will be fixed but this bug takes the extra step to infuriate players by repeatedly killing them out of the blue and again and again and again. Where players were initially blaming a "hack" if not something else it seems that the fault was on Blizzards end and the realms have been taken down to rectify this issue. As the following thread indicates It appears the damage is most severe in World of Warcraft European Servers but maybe North America  might be next?

Here is a link to a high res screenshot of the mayhem, It appears Orgrimmar won't be as crowded as it usually is on a weekend any more. (the image was taken from Here)

Yes this is very real! And are fresh shots.
Taken from the Source.

While the issue will probably be resolved in a few hours this will still go down in known history as one of the most hilarious bugs and probably will come close to Diablo 3's ever so famous Error 37 faced by players on the games launch. While this glitch has happened once before but was caused by a spell glitching out or something of the sort this has nothing to do with player end manipulation so rest assured that once the realms are fixed this will be taken care of. In the mean while World of Warcraft players across the world await anxiously for this nuisance of a "bug" to be put to rest and hopefully permanently resolved from occurring in the future.

As you can see players were less than pleased.
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UPDATE: It appears that a naughty hacker in some part of the globe is behind all this mischief.

and the story behind this little "stunt" is because the hackers friend got "wrongfully" banned and these hackers wanted to deliver a message by doing this. I can safely say that they have done so and hope that they are caught and punished accordingly.

(The video links and the below statement are Taken from "Tutsumi" In the comments section of the Source yet again! Thank You!)

One of their friends got banned for using this to farm bosses, so to prevent it from being an underground sting operation like Blizz likes to do...they went public with it so it could get fixed.

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