Wccftech Deals – End of Summer Clearance, Dones, Headphones and More


The summer is coming to a close. Technically it doesn't end until September 23rd 2015 at 4:21AM EDT, but we want you to be able to enjoy every last minute of the warmest and most inviting months of the year. No one wants it to end, neither do we, so to help you create even more great memories we're having an End of Summer Clearance promotion with a few great things to help end Summer on a good note.

Summer Clearance Event

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Inside you'll find your choice of drones, from the tiny and beginner friendly Snowflake Stealth Drone for $39.99, to the incredibly advanced and powerful DJI Phantom 2 for $599 that even has a GPS-based autopilot to return home on its own should you forget where you parked your drone.

And now that school for all ages is here, if not looming on the horizon, you might need a few good quality lightning cables to round out your collection of sub-par ones. We have those of a very well made and durable braided variety for $19.99 or a cable plus a case protector for your iPhone 6 for $24.99.

And while you're enjoying the few remaining days of good weather by the poolside, or wherever your preferred relaxation spot is, you can use MMOVE's Bluetooth earbuds to listen to whatever your heart desires without the worry of wires tangling up your free-time.

So go on now, check out the End of Summer Clearance Sale we have going: