Recap of the Sony Paris Games Week Press Conference Here, Plenty of Reveals


Paris Games Week has kicked off today and of course Sony is no stranger to having a great press conference. So come on in and make yourself comfortable as we get ready for Sony's press conference. Don't forget to grab a snack or two.

Sony's Paris Games Week press conference is going to kick off today at 10AM PST, 1PM EST

We know that they'll spend some time showing off Uncharted 4 with a new live demo of it likely, and PlayStation VR is likely to make a grand appearance as well. Also we should hear some news about additions to Driveclub. Earlier we had a rumor regarding a more firm release date for No Man's Sky and though it's been subsequently denied, that doesn't mean more information won't be found today. New IP isn't exactly expected, though it's quite possible that there will be a few surprises that they'll throw our way. So stay tuned for the full press conference from Sony.


[1:08PM] It's all about the future, and we're getting a glimpse of BO3 Zombie mode available with the season pass.

[1:09PM] Nazi zombies and a tremendous amount of electricity. Even big knives and salvation with swords and fire.

[1:10PM] Now on to Star Wars Battlefront, seeing some more in-game trailers.

[1:11PM] Lots of blasters, Boba Fett and a tremendous amount of explosions as per usual.

[1:11PM] Han is a cocky nerf herder for going after Darth Vader isn't he?

[1:12pm] An exclusive Darth Vader PS4 coming out next month. Anyone else excited?

[1:13pm] Street Fighter V is up next, showing a lot of action and nearly all the characters. IT looks as exciting as ever. Dhalsim is also now back!

[1:16pm] They've said that six new characters will make their way into the game after the first year. They'll be unlockable for free with in-game money.

[1:17pm] Street Fighter V is releasing on February 16th 2016.

[1:20pm] Tekken 7 is now confirmed as coming to the PS4. It's the 20th anniversary apparently as well.

[1:22pm] Now the latest trailer for Tekken 7 on PS4 is playing, full of all the classic fight moves and classic music you love. Going over the history of the series.

[1:25pm] Looks like this is a prequel to the series, "father and son" fighting, a complete and very interesting story here.

[1:26pm] And now we're on to a very exciting trailer to Battleborn. Looks quite exciting.

[1:26pm] PS4 players will get to play the Battleborn beta first before anyone else.

[1:27pm] Boundless is on the screen now, an exploration game it seems, with portals and even construction ala Minecraft.

[1:28pm] Vector is on the stage, a music rhythm game, lets you design your own levels and have the feeling of being in a live concert. Avicii is apparently helping create it.

[1:31pm] No Man's Sky is now up, showing off some very impressive procedural generated environments. Coming June 2016.

[1:33pm] Housemarque's newest game is being shown, called Matterfall. Gorgeous Sci-Fi shooter.


[1:35pm] And now Ratchet and Clank! It looks great! Coming this spring.

[1:36pm] Horizon is now on the screen, and they're talking about using your environment to get the resources you need. The environment looks very interactive.

[1:38pm] Crafting is a huge part of the game, and they faked a crash! To show us a huge thunder jaw, with 93 armor plates that cover the soft tissue underneath.

[1:41pm] Incredible action footage of fighting the thunder jaw, you can even use it's weapons against it. And then trap it like an AT-AT.

[1:42pm] Bloodborne The Old Hunters is being shown, with grotesque creatures abound. Coming November 24th.

[1:44pm] Driveclub Bikes is now confirmed!

[1:44pm] Driveclub Bikes is either an expansion pack or a standalone game if you want to race with bikes. It's available in the PSN after the show tonight.

[1:45pm] Gravity Rush 2 is up, and it looks incredible as is tradition.

[1:48pm] More gravity styles you can switch between, Lunar style (light) and Jupiter style (heavier). New combat styles too.

[1:49pm] Now it's time for Uncharted 4! Now with more melee options and real sidekicks. And of course there is a multiplayer beta from December 4-13th. And it's playable this week at PGW.

[1:51pm] Sidekicks are NPCs that can give you an extra boost should you need it, and multiplayer looks positively riveting

[1:53pm] Media Molecule is showing off Dreams, a game that lets you interact with their customized Imp.

[1:55pm] Dreams lets you possess anything, and you can control nearly anything. Looks very fascinating. You can create whatever you like within their canvas.

[2:00pm] Build dreams and share them with friends. Even better, it was all created on the PS4, he mentioned no pre-made assets at all. Interesting.

[2:02pm] PlayStation VR with Shuhei Yoshida. Eight games for the PlayStation VR will be playable on the show floor. London Heist, Rigs, Battlezone and more.

[2:05pm] Now they're showing off Rigs, a mechanized competitive combat game. It utilizes PlayStation VR and is a "sport" type of game with teams etc.

[2:08pm] Until Dawn Rush of Blood is a new game for PlayStation VR Title.

[2:09pm] CEO of Crytek is on the stage, talking about PlayStation VR and what they're going to contribute to it. It reminds him of going to the movies for the very first time. VR is special. Games need to be made from the ground up with VR.

[2:10pm] Crytek and PlayStation VR are announcing Robinson: The Journey, a built from the ground up VR experience.

[2:13pm] Showing off the classic remake of Battlezone, also a PlayStation VR title. Looks rather awesome.

[2:14pm] PS VR was also used to showcase The Walk, the movie about high-wire walking across the WTC towers. Looks rather interesting and quite frightening.

[2:16pm] Looks like 200+ developers are now looking at or are actively interesting in developing for PlayStation VR. Even Final Fantasy XIV is PlayStation VR Ready.

[2:19pm] Tekken 7 is even going to be VR ready!

[2:19pm] Gran Turismo 7 is coming to PS4. Finally! Called Grand Turismo Sport

[2:22pm] As the first Gran Turismo on the PS4, they wanted to evoke the rebirth of motorsport. Two FIA Championships running simultaneously throughout the year for everyone to participate in. Players cup where you represent your nation, and the manufacturers cup, where you represent your favorite car manufacturer.

[2:24pm] A real partnership with the FIA. If you win in-game, you'll get awarded in France alongside real drivers in the FIA.

[2:25pm] Gran Turismo Sport announce at Paris because that's where the first motorsport race in human history in 1894 took place.

[2:26pm] Beta test starts early 2016 for Gran Turismo sport. Naturally it'll be PlayStation VR compatible in the future.

[2:29pm]And nwow we're watching a trailer for Wild, still deep in development. Lots of options to complete missions and control the world around you.

[2:32pm] And of course you can use Shaman powers to ride bears.

[2:35pm] In Wild, you summon and control animals to help you along your journey. You're only limited by your imagination really.

[2:38pm] Detroit is officially announced!

[2:40pm] Detroit, not just motor city, but also android city.

[2:42pm] Detroit is an expose on the evolution of an android, Kara, and what happens when she finally leaves the factory where she was born.

[2:42pm] And it's done! What a show, a few good announcements and some great new info and other great trailers!