Watch AMD’s Computex Keynote Here For Zen 2, Navi & More – Concluded

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We're less than 9 hours away from AMD's Computex 2019 keynote, where the company is expected to make major announcements pertaining to its next generation lineup of CPUs and GPUs.

The keynote officially kicks off at 10 AM Monday morning May 27 in Taipei. For folks in the US that's 7 PM Pacific Time on Sunday May 26, or 10 PM Eastern Time.

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For our EU brethren you will have to stay up really late, or wake up really early depending on where you are. Because the keynote won't start until 2 AM GMT.

This article will be updated with a live link to the webcast as soon as one is made available.

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“I am honored to deliver the opening keynote this year and provide new details about the next generation of high-performance AMD platforms and products. With our partners, we will tell the story of how leading-edge technologies and an open ecosystem are driving an inflection point in computing and industry innovation and positively impacting several important markets.” AMD CEO stated Dr. Lisa Su said back in April.

Less than 9 hours from now the company is expected to finally take the lid off its next generation Ryzen 3000 series CPUs as well as its next generation 500 series chipset, specifically the X570. We expect a lot of details at the event from AMD as well as its AIB partners which are going to be present at the event in full force, ready to show off their shiny new motherboards.

There's a good chance we will also see some new details emerge on the Radeon side, although we expect much more to be revealed at the company's "Next Horizon" event at E3 two weeks from now rather than at Computex. It appears that the spotlight this Computex is going to be all over 3rd generation Ryzen.

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The Wccftech hardware team is in Taiwan this year, so get ready for a hot wave of spicy coverage!

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