Walmart Won’t Display Ads of Violent Games Anymore, Though They’ll Still Sell You Guns

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Another day, another violent games story. In the past few days, we've been rather busy covering the latest accusations from certain US politicians (President Donald Trump included) made against games and violent games in particular after the mass shootings that took place in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Of course, the Entertainment Software Association quickly countered the argument and so did several psychologists and experts on the subject.

Nevertheless, it seems like Trump's deliberate cry against the gruesome and grisly violent games did find root at least in Walmart, the world's largest public company by revenue (over $500 billion in 2018), headquartered in Arkansas.

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Walmart has issued a notice to all of its employees, urging to take down any ads of violent games, as well as movies depicting violence and hunting season videos. The notice was first shared on Twitter by freelance journalist Kenneth Shepard and several employees have since confirmed to have received it.

Sadly, Walmart stores are still selling guns and the company doesn't seem inclined to change that, even in the wake of the latest tragedies.

Immediate Action: Remove Signing and Displays Referencing Violence

Review your store for any signing or displays that contain violent images or aggressive behavior.

Remove from the salesfloor or turn off these items immediately.

Use your best judgment when determining whether an element is appropriate. If you are unsure, remove the item or turn it off as a precautionary measure.

What I Need to Do

• Turn off or unplug any video game display consoles that show a demo of violent games,
specifically PlayStation and Xbox units. Anderson merchandisers will be in your store to
update these demo units within the next week.
• Cancel any events promoting combat style or third-person shooter games that may be
scheduled in Electronics.
• Verify that no movies depicting violence are playing in Electronics.
• Turn off any hunting season videos that may be playing in Sporting Goods, and remove any monitors or displays that show the videos.
• Check all signing throughout the store and remove any referencing combat or third-person shooter video games.
• For questions or assistance, contact the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at 479-277

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