A Plague Tale: Requiem NVIDIA RTX Raytracing Shadows Enabled vs Disabled

A quick look at the latest patch of A Plague Tale: Requiem that enables Raytracing, particularly the RT Shadows.

We give two parts a try so you can see how the game performs at 4K Native resolution with everything maxed out.

You can check out more in our impressions post here - https://wccftech.com/a-plague-tale-requiem-patch-enables-raytracing-shadows-sharper-shadow-quality-with-minimal-performance-loss/

00:00 - Raytracing Enabled (Part 1)
00:35 - Raytracing Disabled (Part 1)
01:02 - Raytracing Enabled (Part 2)
01:30 - Raytracing Disabled (Part 2)


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