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  1. The gaming build logic is based on a 4K60 target philosophy.
  2. Advanced options (Overclocking and RGB) are only available on builds higher than $1000.
  3. By using this tool you agree to the fact that 1) the build is provided on an “As Is” basis as a suggestion and 2) we cannot guarantee that the tool is free from all errors and omissions and therefore 3) Wccftech and related parties are not in any way responsible for any liability or damage resulting from the use or misuse of this tool.
  4. The prices displayed are subject to change without any notice. Although we regularly update prices from Amazon and Newegg, they may change them anytime.
  5. For maximum performance you can opt for a Geforce GTX Titan Xp (Pascal). However since that is a reference design, we have not included it in the core build logic. If you want to go the extra mile you can get that and couple it with a good aftermarket liquid cooler for great overclocking performance and the ultimate in gaming hardware.