Video Shows The New Apple TV Streaming Steam Games From PC


Developer Kevin Smith has tweaked some open source tools in the new Apple TV to stream games from a PC. Previously, we have seen that the developer had also exhibited a MAME emulator version running on the new Apple TV. Kevin simply leads the NVIDIA's GameStream based Moonlight iOS open source project and modifies it to work on Apple TV's tvOS. The developer can be seen streaming an open world game on the Apple TV in the video.

Developer Streaming Grand Theft Auto V Using The Moonlight Client

The modification of the Moonlight iOS allowed the developer to stream steam games from a PC on the new Apple TV. With that said, there is no need of running the streamed games directly on the Apple TV. Moreover, the tweak will allow games to mirror the quality as the source PC. Although, when used without a wireless ethernet connection, it comes to streaming strength and Wi-Fi limitations.

As you can see in the video below, the developer is making use of the Moonlight client on the new Apple TV to run Grand Theft Auto V. Smith makes it clear in the video description that the code compilation is extremely complex and it does not consider the restrictions imposed by the tvOS. This suggests that the app will not be making a debut on the App Store any time soon. However, the code does the trick by perfectly streaming games to the Apple TV.

The new Apple TV is Apple's first initiative towards couch gaming. The idea is promoted by a dedicated App Store in the tvOS. Moreover, the powerful internals and a dedicated OS is gradually gathering community around the Apple TV which will eventually make the device even more useful in the future. However, there are rare chances of us ever seeing it on the new Apple TV.

The new Apple TV does have support for wireless gaming controllers. These controllers are devoted for light iOS-like games rather than more hardcore games that reach out to console level. Nonetheless, it might be too early to expect more sophisticated games, making way to the new Apple TV. In the future, we might see some improvements in the Apple device in terms of gaming. Moreover, Facebook also announced a new SDK for developers to build more indulging social experience.

As for now, what do you guys think about playing games on the Apple TV? Do you think the Apple TV will ever feature support for more heavy and sophisticated games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.