Use Netflix Party to Watch Movies and Shows With Your Friends


At this point, the COVID-19 pandemic has definitely forced everyone into social distancing as it is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the disease. However, loneliness can be a very disturbing thing, especially for those who are always surrounded by their friends or loved ones, and love watching movies and hanging out, all the same.

If you are someone who is keen on watching movies with your friends and have been affected by this social distancing issue going on, then you can actually rejoice by knowing that there exists a Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch your favourite movies and TV shows together. In times of social distancing, this is one of the best things one can do.

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Practice Social Distancing by Hosting Watch Parties Using Netflix Party

What is Netflix Party? It is simply a Google Chrome extension that lets you watch movies or TV shows in real-time. It even lets you discuss what's going on in a chatroom while you watch and the streaming is synchronised, so you do not have to stress over watching at two different parts. Which is a really convenient way.  Currently, the extension is only available on Google Chrome, so you can do it on your desktop or your laptop.

However, you can download Rave on your mobile devices if you wish to do something similar as it allows the same on mobile devices.

If you are on the laptop or a desktop, however, simply go to the Google Web Store and install the extension. Once that is done, you can then open Netflix on your browser, and click the NP button on the top right where all the extensions appear, there, you will find a link that you can share with your friends in order to invite them for a chat. On the contrary, if someone sends you a link to Netflix Party, simply click on the click and then click on the NP button and the party will get started. However, do keep in mind that you will need the extension installed on your computer as well to be a part of the party.

The icon will turn red once you start playing on Netflix.

With social distancing being hard on a lot of people, having a creative extension like Netflix Party is definitely good. You can watch your favourite TV shows as well as your favourite movies with your friends and loved ones.