USB Type-C 2.1 Spec is Out and It Boasts Significant Improvements

USB Type-C 2.1 Spec is Out and It Boasts Significant Improvements
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You are about to witness a new era of power being delivered through USB as there is a chance that you might have to say goodbye to power bricks or different plugs because the new USB TYpe-C revision has just dropped and it boasts some interesting improvements, and one of them is the fact that USB Type-C will soon be able to deliver power up to 240W. In short, it is more than enough to power your gaming laptops, and whatever other electronic device you have.

The USB Type-C 2.1 Spec Sheet Makes it the One Cable to Rule Them All

This is all thanks to the new USB Type-C 2.1 revision and of course, the biggest change is the 240W spec bump that we have witnessed. Previously, the Type-C connectors were limited to deliver 20V at 5A, which meant that they could not go beyond 100W.

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Even 100W was impressive for standard laptops or your flagship smartphones but if you are looking at modern gaming laptops that have overclocked CPU or desktop GPUs, then 100W was not enough to keep it powered on for a long time.

The new USB Type-C revision gets you switching support of up to 48V at 5A, which results in a peak wattage of 240W, this means that all your laptop needs can be powered by a single USB cable that will soon become universal. This optional power upgrade does require the new Extended Power Range (EPR) cables instead of the Standard Power Range SPR cables that we have access to these days.

This does mean that the SPR cables will soon be replaced by the EPR cables. But at the same time, we have to understand the fact that there is a chance that the devices that do not require as much power will still continue to use the standard USB Type-C cables that are available in the market.

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