Upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Fixes Detailed By Ubisoft During AMA


A few hours ago, Ubisoft held an AMA session detailing plenty of upcoming Rainbow Six Siege fixes.

First of all, they talked about the first Rainbow Six Siege fixes coming in the update scheduled to hit by mid-December.

  • Fixed: Pawn rotation latency: the difference between a player’s action, the server’s perception and another player seeing said action had an extra delay due to a bug. This had even more impact on shield wielding Operators since sometimes players using those would think they were protected while they were not because of the additional delay caused by the pawn rotation bug.
  • Fixed: Shield positioning while rappelling: certain shield angles were not being replicated properly, this caused the shield wielding player to be overprotected in certain cases. This caused hit detection issues for the player shooting at the shield wielding player.
  • Fixed: Shooting and moving while rappelling: when moving and shooting while in rappel, the hits were sometimes not registered properly by the server.
  • Improved: Kill cam replication issues: the kill cam was not displaying an accurate representation of hit positions. The point of view seen after death was not the exact point of view of the killer. Moreover, we have instances in which the kill cam shows body parts sticking through walls while they actually weren’t being seen from the killer’s perspective. This has been improved for the next title update, but we still need additional work on this. It is still considered under development.

Another hot issue raised by the community is that of lag. An improvement to tick rate is coming, apparently, along with the ability to pick a specific data center:

We are currently investigating having a higher tick rate, which would improve positioning and shooting replication. The current servers run at a tick rate of 64, but the position of players is updated 30 times per second. We have plans to address this very soon and are currently running tests in which we have a position update rate of 60. If the results are satisfying, we will be deploying this in a future update as soon as possible.

Another issue we will be working on is that right now, some players connect to the wrong data centers. If you are not connected to the nearest data center, your gameplay experience will likely not be ideal. We believe that the best solution for this will be to allow the players to select their data centers and that is what we will be working on.

There's a lot more Rainbow Six Siege fixes and additions planned, though. For instance, the team is looking at the possibility to add more attachments for guns, more weapon skins and global leaderboards.

Something that is definitely coming is an increase in the chat character limit, from 64 characters to 128; a Spectator Camera will also be added on all platforms, for dedicated servers within custom games, in early 2016.

The University map, currently available only in PvE modes, will be added to the PvP rotation as well. Ubisoft is also evaluating  whether to let players customize their character between rounds, and they are working on something along the lines of statistics/infographics and clan tags.

Finally, they are working on some way to help distinguishing friends from foes without disrupting immersion. Are you having fun with Rainbow Six Siege so far? Let us know in the comments!