Unreal Engine 5-Powered ARPG Game Abyss World: Apocalypse Announced for PC and PlayStation

Francesco De Meo
Abyss World: Apocalypse

A new Unreal Engine 5-powered action role-playing game called Abyss World: Apocalypse has been announced for PC and PlayStation platforms, releasing next year worldwide.

The game by Abyss Studio, which has been announced with an in-engine trailer, will be set in the dark and mysterious world of Nornidia whose order has been broken during the Fire Thief event, which caused the Old Tide to disappear and the devouring Black Tide to appear. It's in this age of chaos that players will have to uncover the mysteries of this world, delve deeper into the underworld fog, and save the world.

Players will explore the traces of the "Old Tide" in the vast land of Nordinia, and uncover the secrets behind it. In the past, the souls of the world arrived on the other side of the sea - "Old Tide". However, with the appearance of the "Fire Thief" event, the Old Tide disappeared, the balance of order was broken, and the souls were no longer attracted to the other side.
The strange tide sounds attracted the Black Tide, which devoured all. However, the darkness of that resting place was shed by the light... and the glory story will also begin.

While the description and the trailer suggest the game will be a somewhat traditional Soulslike, the game will have some features that will set it apart from other similar titles, such as a dynamic world quest system that will allow players to influence the state of certain areas of the world.

Unlike traditional questing systems, player actions and decisions will determine the outcomes of some areas of the world and the appearance of many levels. Players will create their own epic stories through their adventures.

More information on the upcoming game by Abyss Studio and a few screenshots can be found on its Steam store page.

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