This Proper Unofficial Driver 2 PC Port at 60FPS is Quite the Achievement


Reflections Interactive’s PlayStation exclusive, Driver 2, has received a rather impressive unofficial PC port running at 60FPS.

Created by a small team of indie developers, the ‘Redriver 2’ project was started last year and attempts to reverse-engineer the original game from 2000. To be clear, this is a proper native PC port and not an emulated version of the original PlayStation title.  The port, however, does use the game’s original assets and levels, and as such, those interested will need to own a copy of the original PlayStation game (ISO file).

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We’ve included a video from the PC port in action down below:


  • Rebuild all source code from assembly
  • Compile native version for PC (and for PSX later)
  • Make game playable from start to finish, all game modes should function properly
  • Fix all reverse-engineering bugs
  • Fix some existing critical bugs and performance issues
  • OpenDriver2? rewrite code, implement various cool stuff, PC rendering and audio engine, get rid of hard-coded stuff

The latest version of this unofficial Driver 2 PC port can be downloaded from Github right here. Driver 2 was officially released for the PlayStation back in 2000. The sequel to 1999’s Driver was released on two separate discs due to its length and size.


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