Uber Just Revamped its iOS & Android App with Awesome Features, New UI


The official Uber for iOS and Android received a major update. It packs a lot of new and keen features, including a brand new minimal UI.

The New Uber App is Smart, Clean and Can Predict Your Next Destination

The Uber app for hailing a ride using your mobile device has become (somewhat) complicated over time. This is a fact Uber itself admits as well. And much to our surprise, the company's mobile app has been seeing a load of updates recently with things getting crammed up to a point things feel like a 'task' rather than a smooth 'experience.'

Not anymore though, as Uber has announced a massive update for its mobile app, bringing to the fore a lot of great features as well as a brand new user interface that looks clean, minimal and easy on the eye.

Here are the complete set of features of the new Uber app for both iOS and Android:

The new Uber app is here—and it’s all about making your Uber experience faster, smarter, and more personal.

We’ve rebuilt everything for speed and simplicity, so it’s easier than ever to tap and go. There’s a lot to explore inside, but here’s a peek at what’s under the hood:

- Start with your destination: Now when you open the app, we ask you one question first: Where to? Because where you’re going matters most—especially when you’re in a hurry.

- Save time with smart shortcuts: To speed up your pickup, the new app learns from your ride routine and makes suggestions based on where you are and the time of day.

- Know before you go: With upfront fares for most trips, you can compare all of your options and their total cost. So you always pick the right ride for the occasion.

- Manage your trip in one place: Your trip feed shows you everything you need to know about the ride, including driver details and arrival time. You can also split the cost of the ride with friends. Or share your trip live with loved ones so they can follow along.


The best feature of this update is (without a doubt) how the app predicts what your next destination might be based on your recent trips. It's a feature that we are certain many are going to live, saving a lot of time and taps.

If you have automatic updates enabled on your iOS or Android device, then there's a high chance you have the latest update installed already. But if you don't, then you can download the app by tapping on the links below:

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