Twitter Is Raising Its Character Limit From 140 to 280 For All Users


Back in September, we have witnessed the criticism that Twitter had to face when it started testing the increased character limit of tweets. Now, the company has announced that it will be raising the character count from 140 to 280 for all users. So why is Twitter taking such a step that goes against the likes of users? Twitter shares insight on it its plans, sharing statistical information that they are undertaking in an attempt to raise the character count. So let's dive in to see the reasons behind Twitter raising the character limit in detail.

Twitter Raising Its Character Limit To 280, Backs Up Criticism With Stats

Twitter product manager, Aliza Rosen shared the character limit news in a blog post. Apart from simply announcing it, Rosen also shared some background information on what the company discovered during the testing phase of the upcoming rise in character limit. On the basis of this information, Twitter is going ahead and implementing the change.

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Users were concerned about the character limit because it would ultimately clutter the timeline, which would play a negative role in the UX. However, this is not bound to happen according to Twitter as it says that only 5 percent of tweets are over the 140 character mark. In addition to this, only 2 percent of the tweets were over the 190 characters. The rest of the user base tweets less than that, which states that the visual concerns of bloated timelines are pretty much negligible.

We – and many of you – were concerned that timelines may fill up with 280 character Tweets, and people with the new limit would always use up the whole space. But that didn’t happen. Only 5% of Tweets sent were longer than 140 characters and only 2% were over 190 characters. As a result, your timeline reading experience should not substantially change, you’ll still see about the same amount of Tweets in your timeline. For reference, in the timeline, Tweets with an image or poll usually take up more space than a 190 character Tweet.

Twitter also mentions that the enhanced character count made it easier for users to tweet and those who did receive more likes, retweets, followers, and mentions. Twitter further mentions that there will be a spike of users tweeting longer than the 140 character limit but it will gradually fade away. There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Twitter raising the character limit from 140 to 280 for all users? Would you like the change? Share your views in the comments.