Today’s iOS Apps Gone FREE & Apple’s Free App of the Week – Download Now


We have a bunch of great free iOS apps at our disposal that have shed their prices to zero. But that's not all, Apple's Free App of the Week has emerged too. This means you can double down on the action.

Apple's Free App of the Week is Colossatron: Massive World Threat - Other Great iOS Apps Have Gone FREE too

Today's a good day if you were hoping to download some high quality apps for free. We have a wide selection of software that will definitely appease your needs. There are games thrown into the mix too, helping you kill some time in your morning commute to work. Let's kick things off with Apple's Free App of the Week.

Apple Stopped Signing iOS 15.2 – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Colossatron: Massive World Threat - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Colossatron: Massive World Threat is the story of the biggest and most powerful being to ever wage war against mankind. But this time - YOU get to be the bad guy!

Download Colossatron: Massive World Threat for iOS [App Store link]

Minimize - Regular price $2.99, Now FREE

Immerse your eyes, ears and mind in minimize, a beautiful game of simplification and foresight. Simply swipe to change gravity and minimize each puzzle to where no blocks remain.

Download Minimize for iOS [App Store link]

Compress Video - Regular price $2.99, Now FREE

Compress video to free the space for your device Now! It re-encode videos filmed on your device to smaller file size while keeping the same video quality. Also, it can compress videos in batch.

Download Compress Video for iOS [App Store link]

Moto Hero - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE

An endless bike driving game. It`s different every time, and easy to play.

Tilt your device to lean the bike. Touch right screen to accelerate. Touch left screen to brake. Touch both left and right screen to jump.

Download Moto Hero for iOS [App Store link]

Draw Pad Pro - Regular price $2.99, Now FREE

With nearly 3 million downloads to date, Draw Pad Pro is a clear and compelling choice for taking notes. The app is designed as a beautiful and innovative way to create and manage all your thoughts, ideas, sketches, scribbles, and more.

Download Draw Pad Pro for iOS [App Store link]

Apple Says US Bill That Allows Sideloading of Apps Would Wreck Consumer Privacy

Face It - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Take the perfect selfie using the high quality back camera of your iPhone!
It's super simple: just start the Face It app, point the rear camera at your face and wait for the buzzzzzz.
Smart Edit analyzes your photo and allows you to easily apply different effects to make your selfie look perfect.

Download Face It for iOS [App Store link]

Pay All Apart - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

This software can quickly help you to calculate how much each person should pay.
You only need to provide the total amount and number of people.The result is immediately displayed on the screen.

Download Pay App Apart for iOS [App Store link]

Tasse - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Tasse is an elegant and easy-to-use app that keeps you focused on your daily tasks.

It's designed to help you prioritize your tasks and maximize productivity.

Every day, you add your main task and two side tasks. You can list other tasks you might also want to get done. Plan tomorrow the same way.

Prioritize your daily tasks, accomplish more with Tasse, today!

Download Tasse for iOS [App Store link]

One Moment Selfie - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE

What's your life story? Keep a visual journal of your life's most interesting moments and reminisce over your fondest memories with your personal photo diary and transform them into a compelling personal movie or gif.

One moment everyday is the perfect app to store all your memories, life events and experiences and share them with family and friends.

Download One Moment Selfie for iOS [App Store link]