Toady is World Emoji Day and Apple’s Celebrating it in iTunes, Are You?


If you ever needed reassurance that emoji characters are here to stay, then you'll be surprised to learn that today is 'World Emoji Day.' And guess what? Apple's celebrating it in iTunes in a very creative manner.

Launch iTunes, Go to the Movies Section - Witness the Emoji Galore at the Top

Apple is not shy to admit that it's well vested into the emoji game. Even if you go through some of their videos, you'll find a character or two in there to keep things as lively as possible. Now that the World Emoji Day is here, Apple's found a great reason to further promote its love for emoji characters.

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At the time of writing, if you launch iTunes and head over to the Movies section, you'll see the entire top bar flooded with emoji characters. But wait, they're not random run of the mill emoji, they actually mean something - the name of the movie. Pretty cool right? Here are some examples, and let's see if you can guess some of them.

Out of the entire bunch, my favorite one is Kong Skull Island. Though I might have some reservations about the movie's plot itself in certain areas, but that's just me.

If you are planning to celebrate the day, it's best to come up with a witty little emoji string to send over to someone. Even if you don't, then you can always dig up ideas online that have been used before.

It never hurts, you know.