Tinder App For Apple TV Is Online Matchmaking On A Bigger Display

Ali Salman

Tinder on a smartphone is as easy as it is personal where users would simply swipe left and right for potential dates. However, on Tuesday, Tinder released a dedicated app for the Apple TV. While the move is quite fascinating on its own, it quite kills the private aspect of the matchmaking app. This means that if you install the app on your Apple TV, a whole lot of audience can see how you interact with the app apart from just you. Let's see some more details on Tinder for Apple TV.

Tinder For Apple TV Is Online Matchmaking With An Audience

Tinder for Apple TV still keeps its simplistic user experience. Basically the same experience has now been brought to a bigger display. While this might be a good thing for some, others just might feel a little exposed for an audience viewing. However, the final decision depends on the user.

So how would users interact with the new Tinder for Apple TV since the set top box does not feature any touch controls? To swipe left and swipe right, users would make use of the Siri Remote. The trackpad on the Siri Remote will allow you to search for potential dates by swiping left or right. Apart from this, if you're a Tinder Plus subscriber with the ''Rewind" ability, you can shake the Siri Remote to reverse to the previous match.

“Let’s face it—the people who know you best have traditionally had a high rate of success when helping you pick a partner.”

Tinder For Apple TV

In addition to this, if you have Tinder Boost credits or Tinder Passport options, Tinder for Apple TV supports these features as well, so you're not being left out on any option. However, editing your profile or sending messages is not supported in the Tinder for Apple TV app. This means that you will have to make use of your Tinder for iOS app in order to send messages or edit your profile.

Since Apple TV is something used by multiple users, you will always have to sign out of your account so other people can use the app. However, Tinder is working on a feature which will enable users to switch between different user profiles easily on the Apple TV.


As for now, what do you think about the new Tinder for Apple TV app? Would you be giving it a swing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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