This Dual USB-C Port Car Charger from Spigen is Just $27.19 Right Now, Features 20W + 45W Simultaneous Charging


Looking for a dual USB-C port charger for your car? Spigen has one for you and it's on sale, too. It features 20W and 45W USB-C ports.

Spigen's Dual Port USB-C Charger Offers 20W + 45W Fast Charging for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android Devices

Spigen has been in the accessory business for a long time now. Needless to say that they know a thing or two about making mobile related stuff, which also means they are pretty good when it comes to making car chargers.

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And right now, one of their car chargers is available at a discounted price - down to just $27.19 from the usual $31.99. It's an exceptionally good deal and we will get to the 'why' part immediately.

This charger features two USB-C ports, allowing you to charge up two devices at the same time. Spigen says that this charger is capable of pumping out 65W of power - 45W using one USB-C port and 20W using the other one. In short, you can charge up an iPhone and a MacBook Air at full speed. Same goes for an iPhone and iPad combo.

Apart from that, you get all the necessary safety protections built right in, so you can rest assured that your devices will not only charge fast, but stay protected, too.

There are no discount codes or coupons needed in order to bring the price down. Just add it to your cart, checkout and hope for it to arrive as soon as possible.

Buy Spigen USB C Car Charger, 65W Dual USB - Was $31.99, now just $27.19