This 5-Coil $36.99 Wireless Charger is What the Apple AirPower Could’ve Been [Discounted Today Only]

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The AirPower is no more but the next big thing to it is discounted generously today, thanks to Choetech.

Wireless charging is great but you're limited to charging a single device per charger in most cases. Apple aimed to correct this wrong with the AirPower but just couldn't its product out of the door due to the fact that the company couldn't achieve the level of quality originally intended. Therefore, the product was shelved completely and we were essentially left with nothing.

With companies like Choetech around, we were treated to AirPower alternatives almost immediately with the current 5-coil charger on discount being one of the available options. Thanks to those multiple coils, you can charge two phones at once on this thing. But the fun doesn't end there either. If you don't like the fact that you have to align your phone perfectly in order to start charging up on a wireless charger then you don't have to worry about that problem with this accessory at all. Those 5 coils will simply compensate for your lazy attempt.

This product is fully Qi certified, meaning that it is absolutely safe to use and won't set your house on fire. Last but not the least, this wireless charger ships with an adapter in the box so you don't have to worry about supplying your own the moment you receive it. Just plug it into a wall outlet and you'll be charging up in no time.

Qi certified by the Wireless Power Consortium, this wireless charger features two Qi-compatible charging mats, having the ability of charging two phones simultaneously at up to 18W output. Supports fast charging speed for both New iPhones, Samsung New models and New AirPods thus enabling today's fastest way to wirelessly charge your phone and other Qi-enabled devices.

It's really awesome that this charger is fully compatible with all Qi devices. This means that it will work just fine with the latest second-generation AirPods and their Wireless Charging Case too. So yes, if you are an iPhone user with a knack for charging things up wirelessly then this is your best friend today. It's discounted to $36.99 which makes it even more appealing.

Buy Choetech Dual Wireless Charger, 5 Coils Qi Certified Fast Wireless Charging Pad - Was $50, now just $36.99 using special discount code

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