These Samsung Android Tablets are Up to 43% Off for Prime Day 2019, Deals from Just $119.99

Uzair Ghani

If you don't want an iPad, then you might want to consider an Android tablet, that too from Samsung at a very discounted price.

Android tablets might not have been able to strike a chord with people like the iPad, but they are capable devices if you are limiting yourself to just mild entertainment like YouTube, Netflix, hunting for the best memes, etc. Thankfully, Prime Day 2019 has a few deals on Android tablets which you are definitely going to love and all of these devices are from Samsung, which automatically means that they are going to be great.

So, let's have a look at the deals, shall we?

Personally, I would go for the bigger screen options any time of the day as they make content that much more appealing. Rest is entirely your call. And yes, these deals are going to expire within 24 hours.

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