Steam Deck Shipments Doubling in Q3, Valve Warns SSD Mods Could Shorten Your System’s Life

Jun 27, 2022 14:45 EDT
Steam Deck

Still waiting to get your hands on a Steam Deck? Well, Valve has shared some good news – the first batch of Q3 order emails will go out in just a few days. Once an email has been sent, you only have 72 hours to click the link and purchase your Deck, so keep an eye on that inbox folks! Furthermore, Valve claims production has “picked up,” meaning they’ll be able to double the number of Decks they ship on a weekly basis going forward. Hopefully, Valve can really start burning through their backlog at a decent pace now.

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In other Steam Deck news, various tips and how-tos regarding upgrading your Steam Deck to a larger 2242 M.2 NVMe SSD have been making the rounds, but Valve is strongly warning against it. The Deck was designed with mods and swappable parts in mind, but it seems putting a physically larger SSD in there is something Valve would really rather you not do.

Twitter user Belly Jelly, who initially got people talking about swapping larger SSDs into the Steam Deck by modding their own system, agrees, saying this mod is done at your own risk and was mostly shared as a “proof of concept.”

As mentioned above, Steam Deck Q3 reservation emails start going out this Thursday (June 30) so check when your pre-order is set to arrive and get ready to buy.


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