Nintendo Switch Video Streaming Niconico App Launches July 13


Dwango has announced that the official Niconico app for Nintendo Switch will be available in Japan on July 13. Niconico is a very popular video streaming platform in the Land of the Rising Sun and is often used by developers for official live streams.

The Nintendo Switch is about to receive its first application, but for now, it will only be available in Japan. The app that will arrive tomorrow, Thursday, July 13.

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The truth is that Nintendo has completely focused on the games since the Switch was announced, which is fine, but some more information about their plans to bring applications like YouTube, Netflix and others to the Switch would be welcome.

The app will be available as a free download and allows you to play videos, search for new content and follow your favorite channels as well as offer you the opportunity to comment on individual movies.

Niconico will support the TV mode, portable and tabletop mode; the app will be only available in the Japanese language, and most likely the software will not arrive in the American and European Nintendo eShop.

Hopefully, we can soon enjoy more applications since ultimately it is about having more options at our fingertips. Those who want to use the console just to play can continue to do so, and anyone who wants to use it to see their favorite videos will now have this possibility thanks to the app of Niconico.

The absence of this type of services caused quite a stir in recent months, but it seems that Nintendo is starting to move in this direction in the near future.

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Note that since there is no block by region, anyone with a Japanese account on their Nintendo Switch can download the application for free.

Below is the announcement trailer for the arrival of Niconico app to the Nintendo console.