Street Fighter V Release Date Announced, Coming February 2016


Today at Sony's Paris Games Week conference the release date for Street Fighter V has been revealed. Street Fighter V looks like it'll be coming shortly next year with a lot of great characters.

Street Fighter V Releases February 16th 2016 with 16 total characters.

On the stage Capcom's Yoshinori Ono was very excited to be able to reveal the actual release date for Street Fighter V. One of the final characters to be revealed is that of Dhalsim, who is incredibly rendered in all his glory. He seems to be a capable fighter despite his peaceful demeanor.

He also said that there will be six new characters that'll be released a year after Street Fighter V and that they'll all be obtainable in-game using in-game currency, so no micro-transactions are necessary for this. Street Fighter V is exclusive to the PS4 and PC.