Steam Boss Gabe Newell Is One of America’s 100 Richest People According to Forbes

How much does being the Pope of PC Gaming pay, exactly? Valve co-founder Gabe Newell maintains a fairly humble public image, but the guy gets a cut of every game sold on Steam, so he has to be doing pretty well for himself. Turns out that’s a massive understatement.

According to Forbes, Newell is now one of the 100 richest people in America, with approximately $5.5 billion in his coffers. That’s enough to put him in a 10-way tie for 97th place. It also makes ol’ Gaben the 43rd richest tech billionaire in America, and the 427th richest person in the world. Newell’s ranking should continue to rise over the coming years – according to Forbes’ estimates, he was only worth 4.1 billion in 2016. Steam isn’t going anywhere, and neither is Newell’s Uncle Scrooge-like flow of cash.

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For the sake of comparison, Gabe Newell is currently worth more than Uber founder Travis Kalanick (115th), George Lucas (118th), Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac Perlmutter (179th), and Steven Spielberg (206th). He still lags well behind tech giants like Elon Musk (21st), Mark Zuckerberg (4th), and the big dog, Bill Gates. Come on everybody, buy more loot boxes! Re-buy Portal! Maybe if Newell makes a few more billion he’ll finally be able to buy some new polo shirts.

Of course, Forbes’ numbers are mostly estimates, particularly when it comes to companies like Valve, which aren’t publicly traded and thus don’t have to report their earnings. Forbes based their figures on the educated guess that Valve is worth around $10 billion, and Newell owns a little over half of the company. Even if Forbes’ figures are a bit off, you can rest assured that Newell is living comfortably.

So, uh, Gabe…while we’re talking about money, have you considered digging out some of the money you’ve lost in your couch cushions and paying somebody to make Half-Life 3? Just a crazy thought!

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