Start a Note Directly from Body, Title or Heading in Notes App for iPhone or iPad


You can start off a new note in Notes app for iOS by default straight from body, title or heading. Here’s how you do it.

We’re pretty certain at this point that you, in one way or the other, organize your life using a note app of sorts. If you are an iPhone or iPad user then you most likely use the Notes app for all your organizational purposes. But if you need to take your business a step further, then you can well manage your notes by starting them straight from the body itself, which is the default behavior, or you can start off with a title or a heading, which is a far better option for keeping things as bulletproof as possible. This comes in handy if you want to come back to a note without having to tap on each and every single one in order to find something particular. Just add a heading that fits the bill and you’re in your note. So, how do you do this? Pick up your iPhone or iPad and follow along.

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1. Launch the Settings app. At this point it should become obvious that most of our guides start off this way.

2. Now scroll down and find the Notes entry, then tap on it to open.

3. Under the View option, find New Start Notes With and tap to open it up.

4. Here you have three options. Go with the one which fits your use-case the best. If you need to organize things in the best possible manner then go with the Heading option. Title is great too, but it’s entirely your call.


Whenever you start a new note from the Notes app, it will now either start off straight from the body or you can start by giving your note a title or a heading. Like I said before, it’s a great way to organize everything in the best possible manner. If you have a note that is all about your trip to London, then you can give it a heading like ‘Trip to London.’ This will ensure that you get to your note in the fastest possible manner, and searching for it later on will be a breeze too. And hey, it also looks good.

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