Stargate Space Conflict, A Homeworld: Remastered Mod, Gets a Gameplay Trailer


Phoenix Interactive is at it again, this time putting us in the Stargate Universe with their latest total conversion mod Stargate Space Conflict. The new gameplay trailer shows off some very impressive visuals and beautiful models.

Stargate Space Conflict, by Phoenix Interactive, gets a gorgeous gameplay trailer, showing us what it's like to participate in space battles in the Stargate universe.

Homeworld: Remastered was a very smart decision by those at Gearbox. It not only re-ignited interest in the space RTS in general, but also helped to usher in the Homeworld modding community again. Now Phoenix Interactive is bringing us to the Stargate universe once again. You can play as the Tau'ri, Goau'ld or the Wraith and battle for control of the Stargate network. It's still under development, though the goal is to be able to provide a very close approximation of the stories present in within the series so as to provide a deep and accurate Stargate experience.

We've already seen the kind of quality that Phoenix Interactive is capable of with their Mass Effect Reborn mod that's coming out soon. The term "mod" may not be appropriate here, however, as these are certainly more akin to total conversions than a simple mod. Great lengths have gone into adding original content and fantastic looking models. In fact, you can expect up to 8K textures in their conversion.

With Stargate Space Conflict, they hope to bring us an original stroyline that closely matches the action and adventures we've come to know and love from the series. You can play as the Tau'ri, Goau'ld or the Wraith and battle for control of the Stargate network.