Star Wars KOTOR I & II ESRGAN AI-enhanced HD Texture Packs Overhaul NPC and Armor Textures


ESRGAN AI-enhanced HD Texture Packs for Star Wars KOTOR I & II have been released which overhaul NPC and armor textures in the RPG’s.

Created by modder ‘Red11BY, these AI-enhanced HD Texture Packs upscale the original textures to 2048×2048 resolution to make them look sharper while retaining the art style of the original textures.

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“This is my biggest mod and its far from perfect”, the modder writes. “I haven’t tested most of these textures but it will not break your game or something. Some textures may look off but in theory everything should be fine.”

These packs offer noticeable improvements for the original Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel and weigh in at 3GB and 4.6GB respectively.

We’ve included some comparison screenshots down below:

The ESRGAN AI-enhanced HD Texture pack for the original Knights of the Old Republic can be downloaded here, while the texture pack for KOTOR II can be downloaded here.

News Source: Thanks DSOGaming